Night falls

Day air is drenched in light

It’s drowned by noise

Night air is fluffy

It flows under the silver veil of moonlight Gentle and silent

A sunny day has a sharp clarity

It blends

The shine of the night is soft to the eye

Its depth derives from the dark

Its clarity derives from the unseeable

Ever silently swallowing us all

Yet I still long for the shine of day

We were gliding through my deep masses Along the silver lining of our shared horizon Until your shine became too bright

And you took away that brief moment

In which I had you to myself

I’ve never seen such blinding arrogance

You grabbed a hold of everything

That was lying in the soft palm of my hand You woke everybody up

You made the rooster roost

The ravens screech

They will now wake up

Meeting all the bright lies of your light

In search for new opportunities

I was honest to them

I gave them nothing

Because nothing is what they truly want Watch those who are unhappy

Resist your noisy command

I let them be

There is no day to be seized

For I cannot seize you

With whom do you mingle when I’m gone?

Is it the sparkling surface of the water?

The many sharp shadows,

Crashes and edges of the mountains?

Is it the trees that rustle in the wind?

Their leaves and petals dancing to your light? Do they complement that

What makes you so special

While I can only absorb your glance

Claim you as mine and diminish your glow? At the end of all your daily journeys

I pull you down from dazzling heights

Drown you in my depth

Watch you bleed upon

What I now reclaim as my horizon

Your golden shine is mine

Yet it fades and slips the more I try 

As I let that massive ego of yours Run through my fingers like water 

That water becomes Urin

Dirty men standing in dark alleys Relieving themselves

Their stinking hands play witness To my repulsive complexion

I am there for all those

Who trust me with their gaze

Because they can remain unseen in their shame 

The loners, the sleepless, those close to the edge 

I am forgiving to those who commit crimes

For those who fear the honesty of your light

To those with sad and ugly faces

I do not judge

For I am the night

I am everybody's secret

I am the unsaid

You are their greatest praise

Their highest tunes resonate to your glance

They gave you their greatest gods

They celebrate your return at dawn

They celebrate your departure

When I fall for your majesty

And close their eyes to sleep through

The very little that I have to offer

I can never see all the smiles you see

I will never witness the absolution of your light Your most ecstatic climax

It’s not meant for me

For I am too much of what I am

And you are everything but what I am

Submit to my clench

As I come for you like I always do

At the end of every single day I win

Bathe in my own darkness, solitude,

Guilt and sense of loss

But only until you come again

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