The visuals support relevant motives of the text such as the Fall of Pompei (often used as an analogy towards the spread of HIV in the 80s) and scenes of Muhammad Alis notorious fight against Ernie Terrell, interlaced with hints towards sexual animosities and historical narratives that formed and shaped the perception of the oppressed subject. The text is partly based on the poem “The Mirror Chamber”.

Know Your Master, 2020, 7’21 (+Mazlum Nergiz)

„Know your Master“ is a collaborative work between Mazlum Nergiz and Heiko-Thandeka Ncube. The work is rooted in memories and experiences of both artists and unravels as an investigation of the intersection of violence, race, sexuality, submission, love and hate. While the text is constructed in a fragmented manner, it shifts back and forth between the subjective perception of a destructive relationship and patterns of indoctrinated self-hatred.