Grievous and Golisopod

Burn your fingers

Feet in dirt

Head in the clouds

I told you to pace yourself and rest 

You gave me a frown

Claws as hands Short legs Small feet

Bent back

Only low angles

Every stare drips

Cuts, slips, sips and slides Drop and abide

Amygdala out the trench

These bodies have no real weapons No sharp teeth

No claws

No horns

No fangs

No clubs

No hooks

No spikes

No thorns

Yet Knuckles

Index and Middle finger
And bone and thought

You were prepared to take anything life would through against you 

And make the very best of it

Granite to marble

Water to wine

A fresh breath of air out of a grimm choke 

Bright shade to even dims

Your throat

Forever to withstand the blade

Stretch the bow Apply pressure Release heat Spitfire



Bend hell

For the joy of lucky strikes 

Crash the columns of the temple 

Axis in motion

Only a fraction of Weight  

Fall, faint and blow

Emergency exit and evaporate

Off to one of many future grand entrances

Slide and break

Hollow out your eye pits

Dig trenches


Clinch and stretch your hand

Point and raise your voice

Grievous swings and hits everyone he wants to 

Golisopod lives off the many of his first impressions 

Skim along the surface

Stay afloat

Grieve and grieve

The gun is you and me

People kill people

How do you write an animal farm?

I swear I saw faces gaping out their mouths

How do did they twist from inside out?

A false priest preaches to a silent choir

One day there will be no more movement on this planet

The heat of the moment has fleeted into the palm of my hand 

I will reach this hand out to you brother

Off to a promise that I cannot make

Such faith is made in silence

15 and 47 are waisted on me

My arms now stretch out beyond the horizon

Call me the gummy man

A Black man in a white mans body

A white man in a Black mans body

Is there perhaps an instrument?

Is it a map?

What does it cost?

Is there for release of doubt*

And can I only pay with my own substance?

can it complete all equal matters?

Attain all innocence?

Is the hook some kind of key?

Lairs Betrayers Traitors Blenders Soul suckers



And brace

Await the blow

Off to blast all brains

Off to instant digest

Off to dust

To pass through strings and waves

Until colour in and of itself fades in absent shades

A secret place

Draped in Plaids

On flat lands

Finally to stretch out our shadows 

No mountains

No caves*

No more valleys

The horizon almost bent to a bubble The fear of falling into the sky 

Meaning will melt

There is more than another side How to widen the gap?

How do you stretch a crack?

How to leach out all the way?

Open wide up to suck it in

What sweet blooms of equal craving 

Lie at the bottom of the bottle?

Long before a new time

With wars over sand and water

Perfect loops

Absolut uprootal

To circle in dusk and dawn

New minds in different shapes

Dark and rotten planets

The abyss will be alive

Air as thick as our fists

There will be another kind of curious person 

Another kind of determined mind

And another kind of struggle

Another world will await you

For you will never die

And I will always be there

I will die while standing tall forever

In unrest and in fear

Blessed be the one who fears the other 

And delights in all commandments

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