Heiko-Thandeka Ncube

IG : heikothandeka


Heiko-Thandeka Ncube (born 1991, Harare) is an artist, writer and filmmaker based in Berlin. His practice investigates how cultures derive meaning through suffering and how narratives, drawn out of collective memories, coincide with acts of violence. Thereby Ncube’s work unfolds along the intersections of political oppression, the Abrahamic religions and Bantu mythology, in particular the lines along his Ndebele ancestry.

Education                2017          University of Arts Berlin

                                                        Fine Arts, class of Hito Steyerl

                                       2012         Free University Berlin

                                                        Art History and Philosophy    

Exhibitions               2023          An Atypical Orbit, Berlinale Forum Expanded, Berlin

                                                        Between Trenches, OPENing, London

                                      2022         Reconstructions, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

                                                       A Sense of Belonging, Schauspiel Hannover

                                                        Kein Schlaraffenland, PSR Uferstudios, Berlin

                                      2021          Soft Encounters, Floating University, Berlin

                                                        Schools of Tomorrow, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

                                                        Conditions of a Necessary, Kunsthalle Baden Baden

                                                        SEEN BY #16, Helmut Newton Museum, Berlin

                                     2020           Splintered Subjects, Galerie Anton Janizewski, Berlin

                                                        Freie Republik, Kunsthalle Toggenburg

                                                        Home sweet home, Shitamachi Projects, Tokyo

                                                        FUTURE FORMS FICTION, Schau Fenster Berlin


Lecture                       2022        REBETIKO Festival, WestGermany, Berlin

Performances          2021        Kein Schlussstrich!, GWA St. Pauli, Hamburg

                                                       Festival Avant-Garten, Kampnagel, Hamburg

Readings                2022           Kein Schlaraffenland, PSR Uferstudios, Berlin

                                                        Edna, Raum für Drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin

                                    2021            KO Shebeen, Cabuwazi, Berlin

                                                        drift.line, _d_r_i_f_t, Online

Publications          2022            Grievous and Golisopod, Ad hoc, issue 1

                                                         Night Falls, Project Etna 2022

                                    2020            Ruhe in Stücken, Gallery.net
                                     2019            Alektorophobia, New Curriculum 2019

Interviews               2021            TiG-02 / “Biodeutsch", This is Germany
& Press                    2020           Mixtape Menage w/ Heiko-Thandeka Ncube

                                                         Die Hochschule brennt, Monopol 10/2020        


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